Made in America Baltimore Mr Trash Wheel

1.1 million pounds of Trash Removed from Baltimore River

Mr. Trash Wheel was constructed in 2014 and has already removed over one million pounds of trash from the river.  Locals say the river has not looked this clean in decades.  It is only a glimpse of how technologies will be used to better organize excess waste, and it is a great story for the 2017 Earth Day Weekend.

Check out the video and comment with a similar project you've seen in your area.  Here is a comment from a Reddit user in reference to this project.  

"I help maintain this! I work with a partnering company and we help keep the wheel up and running (you'd be surprised as to how much work this entails) as well as our floating wetlands and a few other environmental mitigation technologies around Baltimore. The owner is awesome and he currently has a few contracts for more of these to be built!"

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