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Apple Increasing $1B Fund for Advanced Manufacturing Jobs in USA to $5B

last year

CEO Tim Cook has stated that Apple is going to invest even more so in the United States. He was proud to announce funding to help train for future jobs.   01/18/2018 From WSJ: “Apple Inc. said it would make a one-time tax payment of $38 billion to repatriate overseas cash holdings and also ramp […]


Ybor City’s Cigar Industry Thrives

last year

U.S. Cigar Manufacturing Thriving in Ybor City, Florida Once known as the cigar capital of the world, Ybor City’s cigar production has made a steady decrease since the early 20th century.  Is it time for a comeback?In Tampa’s prime cigar production, the city had more than 150 factories which employed more than 10,000 workers and produced […]


1.1 million pounds of Trash Removed from Baltimore River Already

last year

1.1 million pounds of Trash Removed from Baltimore River Mr. Trash Wheel was constructed in 2014 and has already removed over one million pounds of trash from the river.  Locals say the river has not looked this clean in decades.  It is only a glimpse of how technologies will be used to better organize excess waste, and […]


First Defense Nasal Screens – Made in USA with International Sales Contracts

last year

In a 2011 episode of “Shark Tank'”, Joe Moore received the largest offer in the show’s history: $4 million for his entire company. Knowing the company’s potential, Moore turned down the offer. Today, First Defense Nasal Screens are used worldwide.The idea for the product came as a result of a terrible incident. Moore was driving […]


American Apparel may use Honduras plants for wholesale clothing

last year

American Apparel: ‘Made in Honduras’ “We will be evaluating many factors, including the specific preferences for Made in USA, as we assess the opportunities related to bringing this brand to consumers over the coming weeks,” a Gildan spokesperson told the Post. American Apparel at its peak employed 6,000 people in its factories in Los Angeles.


Jobs Growth Alert: Technologist creating factory jobs in America

last year

U.S. Jobs Alert: Technologist creating factory jobs in America Photo by Aaron Houston Technologist Suuchi Ramesh, born and raised in India, has dedicated her start-up to innovating the clothing industry in New Jersey.  She already has 55 employees in her year and half old startup.  She plans to have over 100 by end of this year.  One […]


Polaris is doubling-down on Indian Motorcycle #AmericanMade

last year

Victory Motorcycles was acquired in 2011 by Polaris but has not been profitable in a few years. Victory was originally created as a competitor to Harley Davidson. But now Polaris has decided to adjust strategy and focus on growing the brand of Indian Motorcycle. Victory represented just 3% of sales for Polaris. Business analysts acknowledged […]


Ford investing $1.2 billion in Michigan factories, bringing back Bronco and Ranger

last year

Ford plans to invest $850 million into converting a Michigan assembly plant to manufacture the Ranger and Bronco. “We are excited about the Ranger and Bronco coming back to the portfolio,” said Joe Hinrichs, Executive Vice President of Ford. Ford is going to spend $200 million of investments on a data center collecting self driving […]


Dean Guitars Rocks U.S. Manufacturing with New CEO, Evan Rubinson

last year

Dean Guitars Rocks U.S. Manufacturing with New CEO, Evan RubinsonEvan emphasizes the importance of manufacturing in the U.S. to create local manufacturing jobs and stimulate the American economy. Armadillo Enterprises, a large manufacturer of unique, well crafted musical instruments, was once just a small company in Tampa, FL. Before the late CEO and founder, Elliot Rubinson, […]

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