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American Made Muscle – 2019 Corvette ZR1 755 hp – The King is Back and Faster Than Ever

last month

The King is returning, stronger than ever. Chevrolet today introduced the 2019 Corvette ZR1, a supercar that pushes Corvette’s performance legacy with the highest power, greatest track performance and most advanced technology in its production history. “I’ve never driven a Corvette like this before, and nobody else has either, because there’s never been one like this before,” […]


Four Athletics – Fitness Gear Handcrafted in USA

a few months ago

Americans wore 80% American made products in 1980. Today, that number has decreased to only 2%. So it’s no secret that the majority of apparel is being made overseas. However, Four Athletic’s mission is to re-humanize the retail experience while bringing manufacturing and jobs back to the U.S. “I wanted to expand on this a […]


Job Openings Labor Report Q2

a few months ago

JOB OPENINGS AND LABOR TURNOVER – JUNE 2017 The number of job openings increased to 6.2 million on the last business day of June, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the month, hires and separations were little changed at 5.4 million and 5.2 million, respectively. Within separations, the quits rate and the […]


Skybolt® Sets the Standard for Aerospace Fasteners

a few months ago

Since the founding of this company, Skybolt has become a popular name among transportation manufacturers. It is well known for its quick release fastener – made in the USA.Cofounded in 1982 by father and son duo Win and Ned Bowers, the company is now headed by Ned Bowers and his wife, Debra. Skybolt fasteners have become […]


Safety Clamps Made in the USA for Over 50 Years

a few months ago

Safety Clamps Inc., known for their ‘Big Bite’ lifting clamps, has provided American Made clamps for steel plate, pipe, drum and structural lifting for over 53 years. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, they manufacture and supply quality lifting clamps to hundreds of distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada. With various lifting clamps designed for different purposes, […]


GORUCK Building a Stronger America

a few months ago

Jason McCarthy was a Special Forces soldier in 2008 when he had a “stupid idea”. He wanted to create a bag that would be versatile enough to thrive in drastically different environments. From Baghdad to New York City. That “stupid idea” is now slowly changing the world. While deployed in Baghdad, McCarthy and his crew always had […]


Chinese Companies are investing in U.S. Manufacturing

a few months ago

In recent years, many companies have realized the benefits of producing a product that is truly “Made in America”. In fact, a good majority of American consumers look for products that boast their U.S. manufacturing. Regardless, companies are still outsourcing production overseas to China and other countries. But there are some foreign companies that are […]


Tesla could be 95% Made In America one day soon

a few months ago

Elon Musk, cofounder and CEO of Tesla, has had his fair share of success throughout his career. Although originally from South Africa, he is a major asset to the American economy. His two major companies, SpaceX and Tesla, both focus on making American products. Tesla’s success has been extraordinary in the last few years. In […]


List of 50 Companies at White House ‘Made in America’ Event this week

a few months ago

State Company Product Alabama Altec Bucket trucks Alaska Alaska Bowl Company Bowls Arizona PING Golf Golf clubs Arkansas Hytrol Conveyer belt California The California Wine Institute Wine Colorado Gordon Signs Neon signs Connecticut Sikorsky Model helicopters Delaware ILC Dover LP NASA space suit Florida Tervis Tumblers Georgia Chick Fil A Food Hawaii Koloa Rum Co. […]


‘Made in USA Certified’ provides transparency of U.S. Made Products

a few months ago

In a nation where virtually everything is made overseas, finding an American made product is almost like stumbling upon a four leafed clover. With that being said, how do we even know when a product is truly made in America? Made in USA Industries was created to bring light to American-made claims. Not only does […]

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