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Audio Company Amplifies USA Made

a few months ago

In an era where electronic production is almost entirely in Asia, one audio firm has struggled to keep their production within the U.S. Indy Audio Labs is an Indiana-based audio company that manages and makes all of their products in the U.S. They produce high-end home theater audio electronics at affordable prices. Their two brands, […]


Gatorz Sunglasses – Made in USA for American Bad Ass

a few months ago

Gatorz SunglassesMade in the USA for the American Bad AssGatorz SunglassesSunglasses are a crucial aspect of everyday life that millions of people take for granted. By shielding your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun with high-quality sunglasses, you can avoid irreparable retinal damage and maintain your eyesight throughout life. The best sunglasses […]


Florida-based Company Offers Affordable, Safe Tubs

a few months ago

Florida-based Company Offers Affordable, Safe Tubs According to the National Safety Council, every day at least one person dies from slipping and falling while bathing. TheraTub offers affordable, walk-in tubs that almost eliminate that risk. Made entirely in the U.S., the product is offered throughout the U.S. and select areas of Canada.  With many unique […]


VAC-TRON vacuum excavators made in Florida

6 months ago

VAC-TRON Vacuum Excavators Made in FloridaFor over 20 years, VAC-TRON has innovated for safer digging with industrial vacuum excavation Founder Don Buckner, a multi-generation Floridian, started VAC-TRON Equipment over 20 years ago in the rural areas of Lake and Sumter Counties.”I remember when Mr. Buckner showed one of the first demonstrations to my dad at an open […]


Apple starting $1B Fund for Advanced Manufacturing Jobs in USA

7 months ago

Apple starting $1B Fund for Advanced Manufacturing Jobs in USA CEO Tim Cook has stated that Apple is going to invest even more so in the United States. He was proud to announce funding to help train for future jobs. MADE IN USA ENDORSEMENT: WORKING PERSON’S STORE


Ybor City’s Cigar Industry Thrives

7 months ago

U.S. Cigar Manufacturing Thriving in Ybor City, Florida Once known as the cigar capital of the world, Ybor City’s cigar production has made a steady decrease since the early 20th century.  Is it time for a comeback?In Tampa’s prime cigar production, the city had more than 150 factories which employed more than 10,000 workers and produced […]


Pitch Your Made in USA Product to Walmart on June 28th (details)

7 months ago

Pitch Your Made in USA Product to Walmart on June 28th (details)Our MiA Team will be following up with entrepreneurs who attend this event.  We will be reaching out to Walmart for comment.Read more about the U.S. Manufacturing Initiative. 


First Defense Nasal Screens – Made in USA with International Sales Contracts

8 months ago

In a 2011 episode of “Shark Tank'”, Joe Moore received the largest offer in the show’s history: $4 million for his entire company. Knowing the company’s potential, Moore turned down the offer. Today, First Defense Nasal Screens are used worldwide.The idea for the product came as a result of a terrible incident. Moore was driving […]


American Apparel may use Honduras plants for wholesale clothing

8 months ago

American Apparel: ‘Made in Honduras’ “We will be evaluating many factors, including the specific preferences for Made in USA, as we assess the opportunities related to bringing this brand to consumers over the coming weeks,” a Gildan spokesperson told the Post. American Apparel at its peak employed 6,000 people in its factories in Los Angeles.


Tesla & GM compete as most valuable carmakers in America

8 months ago

Tesla & GM compete as most valuable carmakers in America Tesla may lose a billion dollars this year but people are betting heavy on the future.  The Model 3 is set to release soon and the gigafactory built in the USA is a manufacturing marvel. We are following this story closely and will have more […]

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