In a 2011 episode of "Shark Tank'", Joe Moore received the largest offer in the show's history: $4 million for his entire company. Knowing the company's potential, Moore turned down the offer. Today, First Defense Nasal Screens are used worldwide.

The idea for the product came as a result of a terrible incident. Moore was driving to his insurance job in South Florida in 2003, when he had an allergy attack from dust particles inside his car. Unable to keep his eyes open, he veered into oncoming traffic in front of a semi truck. Luckily, the truck dodged his car and Moore ended up in a ditch. After that day, he began looking for a solution to everyday allergies, and a year later, First Defense Nasal Screens emerged.

First Defense Nasal Screens are hypoallergenic adhesive nasal filters that reduce up to 99 percent of allergens. The screens are non-inserted and nude colored for low visibility, so they can be worn in day to day life. Not only do they help alleviate allergies, but they also reduce the inhalation of pollutants, dusts, silica, and other disturbances. Since their release, they have become extremely popular in foreign countries like China, Korea and Japan as an alternative to face masks. The compliance rate of dust masks is about 30%, while that of First Defense Nasal Screens has shown to be over 77%. Although allergens and pollutants can be inhaled orally, 90 percent is inhaled through the nose. respiratory viruses can only grow in nasal passages, so First Defense stops the problem head on.

The product can be used for a number of different purposes. Originally, it was created to prevent pollen and dust allergies; however, it has also helped painters, sanders, and other professionals to work safely while halting the inhalation of harmful particles. Many people have even praised the company for changing their quality of life. One of the company’s first large orders was an $8 million distributorship contract with a United Arab Emirates company in 2010. The product is also popular in over 40 other countries where pollution has become a major issue, and by the end of the year, it is scheduled to be sold in more than 40,000 stores in the U.S. alone.

Although the company began in Tampa, FL, the product is made in Monticello, Indiana. The company prides itself in keeping its manufacturing process in the U.S., despite countless offers for production overseas. First Defense believes that the extra money put into American manufacturing is worthwhile for high quality products and American employment. As its success has grown, the company is also looking into new products, including scented, mentholated and even medicated nasal screens.

The First Defense Nasal Screen, once a spur of the moment invention, is not now an all-American, innovative and life-changing product that will help tens of millions of people lead a healthier life.

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