Ford investing $1.2 billion in Michigan factories, bringing back Bronco and Ranger

Ford plans to invest $850 million into converting a Michigan assembly plant to manufacture the Ranger and Bronco. “We are excited about the Ranger and Bronco coming back to the portfolio,” said Joe Hinrichs, Executive Vice President of Ford.

Ford is going to spend $200 million of investments on a data center collecting self driving and connected cars information. The data center will be located at an assembly plant in the Detroit suburb of Flat Rock. It’s predicted that using this vast amount of data will greatly reduce accidents.

The U.S. manufacturer made an announcement in Q1 that the Flat Rock plant will be getting $700 million in upgrades, creating 700 new jobs to produce and manufacture electric and self driving cars.

13 new electric vehicles over the next few years being released by Ford, according to Mr. Hinrichs.

We will be reporting more on this story later this week.

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