Since the founding of this company, Skybolt has become a popular name among transportation manufacturers. It is well known for its quick release fastener - made in the USA.

Cofounded in 1982 by father and son duo Win and Ned Bowers, the company is now headed by Ned Bowers and his wife, Debra. Skybolt fasteners have become a necessity to many vehicles. Although most popular in the aviation industry, Skybolt's products are trusted to support vehicles of all types. In fact, their products circle the globe 16 times a day. They play a large role in military aircraft and land-based vehicles, such as tanks.

Skybolt manufactures various different fasteners, including CLoc, ZLoc and ALoc fasteners. All fasteners are available in lightweight stainless steel. Through working in the airline industry as a pilot, Ned Bowers determined the necessary hardware to create an all-in-one kit that would suit most airplanes. "Creating the kits really made this business boom," said Win Bowers, discussing the success of the company. The replacement kits make it easy for airplane owners to replace parts without the need to research which parts go in which holes. The stainless steel fasteners increase the plane's value and remain rust-free, as opposed to more traditional metals.

Ned & Win Bowers - Founders

Next time you board an airplane, it may have Skybolt innovation, because 'if it flies, races, or launches, it probably has a Skybolt fastener on it.'

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