...In the short term, meaning the next couple of years through 2019, MadeinAmerica.com will operate as a highly-unique and creative platform that will share positive and groundbreaking information of American Made projects and products.

Our goal is to spread stories about solutions to problems that are being created by entrepreneurs and teams of people, who were born here or migrated from all over the world, to innovate within the system that we call, America.


Founding Subscribers

The U.S. manufacturing increase in production is being led by technological advances and deregulation.  We are sharing news of jobs this will create + industry progress and disruptions.

Jason Blount

Jason is the CTO of MadeinAmerica.com and an American Muscle Car enthusiast. A sixth generation Floridian, he enjoys camping adventures across the state, and hiking the mountains of Colorado. He is the founder of fijjity and reaches millions of people for U.S. manufacturers.

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