MadeInAmerica.com is a non-partisan, private company

We have a buy & build American philosophy. Growing the U.S. economy depends on a strong and flexible manufacturing community. We have one common goal: to raise awareness for the economic, environmental and community impact of American-made manufacturers and brands.

Made In America 2019 will be the inaugural conference and events that will take place in Indianapolis, Oct 3-6, 2019.


Entrepreneur Don Buckner’s patriotic plan began in 1998, when he attempted to find several American-made products online, but was unable to do so. Frustrated, he took matters into his own hands, purchasing the Domain MadeintheUSA.com. The website served as a directory resource connecting patriotic consumers to more than 300,000 American-made manufacturers for several years. He also acquired the Domain MadeInAmerica.com.

Don is no stranger to success in business since he has been in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years. He started out as a mechanic and welder with no formal education. In 1997, he launched Vac-Tron Equipment, (VacTron.com) a company that was born in his garage. In 2000, Vac-Tron was listed on the INC 500 as the 13th fastest growing privately held company, growing 6500% in just 3 years. In the same year, he was awarded the 2000 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the State of Florida. Buckner is also in the Business Hall of Fame and Vac-Tron was Named Industry of the Year and Business of the Year.

After the acquisition of Vac-Tron Equipment in 2018 by Vermeer Corporation, Don decided it was time to go all-in on the #AmericanMade plan and rent the Indianapolis Convention Center to hold the first-ever Made in America Trade show which is that jumping-off point.

“Don is a great example of how great patriots do not have to put a military uniform on but serve in other ways. So many people want to participate in this country and serve this country, and what Don is doing is creating the perfect opportunity for Americans to come together and make the choice to support American made products. That is the beauty of the seed that he’s planting in Indianapolis.” – Major Dan Rooney, Folds of Honor

Don donates heavily to local and global missions, lives on a cattle ranch with his 6 children and 3 grandchildren, and always gives God the credit for all his many blessings.

Made in America 2019 is the first-ever event of its kind to champion American-made products and manufacturing on a national level. This event has the goal to showcase the largest collection of U.S. made machines and products ever in one place.

The event will take place over four days, October 3-6, 2019, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

  • Floor space for hundreds of manufacturers
  • Industry professionals, industry leaders, keynote speakers, and conscious consumers
  • Anyone can attend who wants to be a part of history and join this historic movement
  • We invite manufacturers of all sizes from a one-person operation to one with thousands of employees to showcase their American-made products.
  • We invite government buyers, purchasing agents, retail buyers and American consumers to be a part of this significant event.
  • We are expecting policy makers and legislators to attend and to listen to what Made In America really means.
  • Inspire American-made innovation, drive, and passion
  • Showcase American manufacturers and products 
  • Keep America on Track to be #1 manufacturer in the world

Growing the U.S. economy depends on a strong and flexible manufacturing community. We have one common goal: to raise awareness for the economic, environmental and community impact of American-made products and manufacturing.

  • According to Consumer Reports, 8 out of 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one.
  • More than 60 percent say they are willing to pay 10 percent more for American-made.

Launch new products, forge new partnerships, gather customer insights and develop a competitive edge. Made in America 2019 is an opportunity to network, interact and share the latest innovations and advances in manufacturing, research, product innovation, and service delivery.

Additionally, the event is an chance to rally and raise awareness in the media and social media from one collective voice about American Made.

Fortunately, the Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) has set the rules to qualify what is made in the U.S. All event exhibitors and sponsors must agree that all of the products they bring meet the terms of the FTC. These requirements are available at FTC.gov. 

Manufacturers who are not yet American-made compliant are welcome to attend and learn how to become FTC-complaint. We often hear that manufacturers are interested but don’t understand the FTC requirements or incorrectly assume that there are huge barriers to entry.

For this monumental event, more than 450,000 square feet of the Indiana Convention Center will be used to showcase American-made machines and products by 800 U.S. manufacturers. While all exhibitors will share a commonality in their U.S.-based productions, the variety of represented product categories and industries will be incredibly vast, ranging from aerospace and automobiles to apparel and textiles. This event will truly be the most comprehensive representation of American manufacturing and production ever in its purest form.

The Made in America Kickoff Show will take place on Thursday,  October 3, 2019. This night will include live performances by top-selling American billboard artists and keynote speakers. Friday, Night October 4, will feature the past, present and future of American manufacturing, with speeches by industry leaders and a celebration honoring U.S. military veterans who helped lay the foundation for American manufacturing. The closing evening event on Saturday, October 5, will be the first annual “Made in America Awards” to honor the American manufacturing tradition and to recognize the accomplishments of American production heroes, the heart and soul of homegrown manufacturing. 

We are not aligned with any political group. We consider this movement to be an opportunity to bring parties together for the good of American Innovation.

Brad Winnings | Chief Operations Officer

Brad is the main point of contact for the Made In America 2019 show and event operations and is co-founder of MadeinAmerica.com, “Education and apprenticeship programs are the missing link in closing the skilled workers gap. Our goal is to work with universities and companies, along side legislators, to help with the advanced manufacturing era.”

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Jason Blount | Chief Technology Officer

Jason is the host of American Made Stories and co-founder of MadeinAmerica.com, “We are in the infancy of the 4th industrial revolution, automation, IoT, AI, etc. and this will allow the United States to be the world’s number one manufacturer again. The latest technology is usually born in the U.S. and we want to see more of the hardware being made here.”

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