Audio Company Amplifies USA Made

In an era where electronic production is almost entirely in Asia, one audio firm has struggled to keep their production within the U.S. Indy Audio Labs is an Indiana-based audio company that manages and makes all of their products in the U.S. They produce high-end home theater audio electronics at affordable prices. Their two brands, Aragon and Acurus have done surprisingly well for American electronic brands.

Aragon and Acurus

Originally founded in 1984 by Mondial Designs, Aragon was later purchased by Indy Audio Labs in 2009.  The brand features authentic and powerful amplifiers and processors. Like all Indy Audio Labs products, Aragon products are entirely made in Indiana, USA. For years, Aragon has been known as a higher-end option to its sister brand, Acurus.

Acurus was created by the same company in 1993 as a more affordable alternative to Aragon. Known as “accuracy from the US”, the American-made brand has found a comfortable spot between price and performance. Both Aragon and Acurus products are made mostly near Indy’s headquarters, at Key electronics Inc. Prices range from $2,800 to $9,000 for the equipment, which is no problem for audiophiles all over the world.

Made in America

Cofounders Rick Santiago and Ted Moore have had their fair-share of success by keeping production in the U.S. In fact, it may have helped the firm to become what it is today. They argue that, while Chinese suppliers usually focus on volume, U.S. suppliers are more invested in quality and customization, something that customers have recognized as well.

For high-quality audio companies, being able to say their product is Made in the USA is extremely prestigious. That’s why many companies, even brands that source their production overseas, brag about their American-made products. India Audio Labs is genuine; their equipment is entirely built in Indiana. Surprisingly, 80 percent of Indy Audio Lab’s equipment is sold overseas. Not only is a “Made in the USA” sticker prestigious in the U.S., in many Asian countries it’s a necessity.

“in certain parts of the world, it’s the best,” according to Moore. “In India, they almost wouldn’t talk to us if we couldn’t prove to them that we manufactured in the U.S.”

Prior to founding Indy Audio Labs, Moore and Santiago had seen the capabilities of Chinese producers, but they still wanted to keep production in the U.S. “We decided to test the assumption that you have to make it overseas to make a profit,” said Moore. “We tested it and found that it’s not true. It’s certainly the ‘easy’ button in terms of implementation, but it’s not a requirement.”

As for now, the duo are working on more middle-end products. More affordable products will help the firm to attract a wider rang of customers all over the world.


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