Dean Guitars Rocks U.S. Manufacturing (Video Clip)

U.S. Manufacturing with Precision

Although some of the guitars are made overseas in China and Korea, their high end products are hand crafted in a workshop located in the United States 120,000 sq ft facility. The guitars begin production in Tampa, where they are built from the finest blocks of wood, taking eight hours just for the detailed sanding process. After that, they are shipped to California to be uniquely designed and painted. Once customized with a trademark design, the guitars are shipped back to Tampa where the truss rod and hardware are put into the guitar.

It is more costly to produce the instruments in America, Dean Guitars feels it is worth using top notch labor and components when assembling their U.S. products.  The process makes each U.S. custom Dean Guitar a true piece of art. View Dean Guitars ‘Made in the USA’:


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