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Volunteers Needed

We are excited that the Made In America 2019 Event is almost here, and we need your help! Volunteers will have the chance to contribute to and participate in this year’s event. We are looking for people that are enthusiastic patriots and who would love to be a part of this monumental event. If this sounds like you, complete a volunteer form for more information!

As a Made In America 2019 volunteer, you will:

  • Be an essential part of the event.
  • Learn the inner organizational workings of a support conference.
  • Spend quality time with MadeInAmerica.com Event organizers.
  • Be on the ground, interacting with participants of the Event.
  • Have the ability to attend the conference part of the time and volunteer part of the time.

What we need help with?

MadeInAmerica.com needs help Oct 3-6, the days of the event.

Registration/reference table – The registration table is also where attendees tend to go to ask a lot of questions, and we’ll want to keep that table staffed to make an easy and quick process for everyone.

Concierge Help  — Communication is key during large events. We are looking for folks who are happy to answer questions that pop up as attendees and exhibitors navigate the event.

Runners Needed — There are always things that need to handle unexpected errands on site.

Wherever there’s a need — Helping out with random unspecified things here and there, etc.

Will MadeInAMerica.com pay for my expenses?

Volunteers receive a complimentary ticket to Expo Hall, which includes designated keynote and sessions.
We are unable to cover travel and lodging expenses for volunteers, which means that if you want to get involved, you will need to cover the costs of getting to and staying in Indianapolis.

Accepted Volunteers?

Once you are accepted as a volunteer, you’ll be added to the volunteer team. A volunteer team coordinator will reach out to you and assign a schedule of events.

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