Fisher Space Pens are still Made in the USA and were used by Astronauts aboard the Apollo 7 Spaceflight in 1968

On October 11th, 1968, NASA launched the first manned Apollo mission, the Apollo 7 spaceflight. Making their space debut were three astronauts and one pen; the Fisher Space Pen. The pen is still used by NASA and other space programs today.

The Fisher Space Pen is a retractable, pressurized pen that works flawlessly in zero gravity. They are handcrafted and can also write underwater, over grease, at any angle, and even in extreme temperatures. They are extremely durable and reliable, lasting three times longer than the average pen.

This innovative product was invented by Paul C. Fisher in 1966 after 18 years of working in the pen manufacturing business. Fisher continued to develop innovative products until his passing in 2006 at the age of 93. Today, the Fisher Space Pen legacy is carried on by his son, Cary Fisher, and plant manager Donald Wong, who has been with the company for almost 50 years.

The company makes a variety of pens and they are all manufactured right here in the USA.
Fisher’s 30,000-square-foot warehouse is located in Boulder City, Nevada and employs about 65 workers to create the company’s unique line of writing instruments. Fisher’s employees are held to a high standard and treated like family. Of the 65 workers, 26 percent have been with Fisher for more than 20 years.

Cary Fisher values all of his employees and knows that every job is valuable to the company. Cesar Reveles, a loyal employee for 27 years states “We’re a small company, but we’re all focused on one thing: making a great product. We’re upholding the whole notion of ‘made in America’, which, I think, still counts.”

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of Apollo 7 and 50 years in space for Fisher Space Co. and the company is looking forward to many more.


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