GORUCK Building a Stronger America

Jason McCarthy was a Special Forces soldier in 2008 when he had a “stupid idea”. He wanted to create a bag that would be versatile enough to thrive in drastically different environments. From Baghdad to New York City. That “stupid idea” is now slowly changing the world.

While deployed in Baghdad, McCarthy and his crew always had what they called “go-bags”. These bags had everything necessary if disaster struck. He wanted to make the bags even tougher and call them go-rucks. In February of 2008, he finally formed the company, but he didn’t know how to turn sketches into real life. He then contacted a design team that had just relocated to the U.S. called Sky and Trish. Luckily, they turned McCarthy’s idea into reality.

2009 came around and McCarthy had gotten out of Special Forces. Transitioning to a new living environment and going through a divorce, he needed a hobby. GORUCK became that hobby.

After unsuccessful attempts at selling to small men’s shops, he decided to create an event to build his brand and raise money. The GORUCK Challenge was a gruelling physical challenge based on McCarthy’s Special Forces training. Looking back on the event, McCarthy stated, “What I did not foresee was that the GORUCK Challenge would become about the people wearing the gear, and not the gear itself.” From that point on, GORUCK has become about strengthening communities and pushing people past their limits.

Since then, GORUCK has conducted various other events and produces various different bags and clothing items. The products are designed, tested and manufactured in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The GORUCK Nation is slowly growing, a nation of people that believe in building better Americans.


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