The #1 Selling Car In America Since 1979 Is Made By Little Tikes

One of the most vexing parts of toy shopping is that we’re all concerned about where specific toys actually are made, what safety factors are considered in their design, what material is used in their manufacture, and so on. In other words, are these toys safe and suitable for our children and grandchildren? Since nearly 80% of Americans prefer American-made products, point of manufacture is a key factor in the buying decision.

That is one of the most creative commercials we’ve ever seen.

Only one car has been the best selling vehicle in America since 1979. Little Tikes

And it’s not an easy decision. Selecting toys made in this country requires more than just reviewing a manufacturer’s website homepage and looking for the standard “Made in America” label. Many websites display this tag line even though not all their products are USA-made, or their products may contain components of foreign origin. To do a true search for “Made in America” products will require a diligent search.

Toymaker Little Tikes® is an example of a manufacturer’s website that can be researched to satisfy one’s search for American-made products. A search of their site using the term “made in USA” will present the items that meet the qualifications to carry the claim “Made in America;” then, after selecting one of the items presented, further verification can be found in the presence of the standard “Made in USA” logo.

Following this approach will give you the peace of mind that the toys you’re buying were in fact made on American soil, using products and components also made right here in the USA.

“The Little Tikes Company is located in the heartland of America.” To shop Made in the USA on Little Tikes® website, go here:


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