‘Made in USA Certified’ provides transparency of U.S. Made Products

In a nation where virtually everything is made overseas, finding an American made product is almost like stumbling upon a four leafed clover. With that being said, how do we even know when a product is truly made in America? Made in USA Industries was created to bring light to American-made claims.

Not only does the company provide transparency to consumers, it also benefits the American companies that are making these claims. The company has 3 different seals that pertain to difference processes: “Made in USA”, “Product of USA” and “USA Labor Force”. In order for companies to obtain seals, they must go through a validation process to prove that their products and services are all-American.

And the company’s services seem to be working according to testimonials. Mark Davis, executive director of EarthWise Group stated “(Made in USA Certified) is the key reason the EarthWise Group had sales growth of 37% over the last two years.” Even former president Bill Clinton has emphasized that Made in USA Certified effectively helps consumers to make the American choice.

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