Safety Clamps Made in the USA for Over 50 Years

Safety Clamps Inc., known for their ‘Big Bite’ lifting clamps, has provided American Made clamps for steel plate, pipe, drum and structural lifting for over 53 years. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, they manufacture and supply quality lifting clamps to hundreds of distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

With various lifting clamps designed for different purposes, Safety Clamps has what you need. Whether it’s vertical, horizontal or structural lifting, they have a clamp to do the job. They can also customize special clamps for your specifications and needs. They can design clamps with variations in jaw size, throat depth and compact bodies.

At Safety Clamps Inc., they care about your needs and finances. That’s why they’ve created a new TRADE IN! TRADE UP! program. This program allows customers to exchange old clamps of any brand for high quality American Made Safety Clamps.

Outstanding service and quality since 1962, Safety Clamps Inc. can design an affordable anf high quality clamp to fit your needs.


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