(Video Interview) Skybolt’s aerospace fasteners are heading to the moon and Made in Florida

Skybolt is a U.S. manufacturer & distributor of the highest grade stainless steel ¼-Turn Panel Fasteners, Grommets & Receptacles, and many other innovative fastening solutions.

The superior quality panel fastener manufacturing means if it flies, races, or launches, it probably has Skybolt® fasteners. Engineering breakthroughs that have become an industry standard. FAA-PMA TSO-C148 AS9100D ISO9001:2015/CFR21.137 Certified by NSF-ISR and the FAA

Skybolt currently has NDA’s with various top-level defense companies. These relationships have given Skybolt the opportunity to work with the United States Air Force and Army personnel to design fasteners for a prime UAV Program.

The World’s Largest Commercial Aircraft Have The World’s Lightest Skybolt Skytanium® Panel Fasteners.

Skybolt® was founded in 1982 by Win and Ned Bowers. Win’s roots in aviation started during WWII as a decorated pilot in the 15th Air Force in 1943. Ned soloed on his 16th birthday, purchased and rebuilt a 1946 J3 Cub when he was 18 while attending engineering school at the University of Florida. Soon after, Ned began work on the Saturn V, S1C during Apollo; the S1B during Skylab; and the SSME program for Shuttle. In 1976 Ned joined the U.S. Navy Flight Program. Both Win and Ned had a history of business adventures and an aviation parts business became an ambition for Win with Ned working the technical side.

MadeInAmerica.com sat down with Ned Bowers and asked him to share his stories.  Here is an excerpt from that interview.  To watch the full video, become a member.

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