Barbara Creighton

“In the early 90s, Barbara Creighton began to search the marketplace for safe products with as many natural ingredients as possible. She was looking for a topical cream that would allow the ingredients to flow naturally into the body, nourishing and replacing nature’s own nutrients.

The search revealed the potential for a natural rebalancing product, which she decided to manufacture herself. Barbara decided not only to provide other women with safe creams as close to their natural form as possible, but to give women and men an opportunity to distribute the products and to share in the profits.

Sarati International was founded in 1992 by Barbara Creighton, Doug Cox, and Tom Flynn. Barbara and Doug worked the business together for a few years, after which Mr. Cox left to pursue other ventures. Barbara became the CEO for Sarati International. Since then, Sarati’s business has gone in the direction of custome formulations and private label.”