Connie Sylvester

“Connie Sylvester developed the ARM-LOC after learning of a friend who fell overboard in the Bering Sea. He did not make it back on the boat and was lost. After talking with the Captain she had learned that he was unable to hold on to the rope because he was too cold and exhausted from fighting the frigid waves. She began to tell the Captain of a few rescue products that she had heard about and combining her knowledge and his, came up with what we now know as the ARM-LOC. The Captain simply told her “”you do something about it”” and she did.
Fast forward 7 years and we are saving lives all over the country. Now Connie has been reinspired as tragedies unfold in our schools, stores and offices. She developed a new product which will be debuted at the first ever Made In America Conference in Indianapolis this Oct 2019. After feeling helpless after dropping her son off at school on Valentine’s Day last year, she got the word of another school shooting where 17 people lost their lives. She then created a ballistic wearable book cover called Mommy Armor USA that people can carry with them anywhere they go. Take it from Kindergarten to College to the Boardroom.
Her commitment to being American made is stronger than ever. It began when she was just 16 working in the appliance department at Best Buy. An older man came in asking for an American made microwave. She said “Im sorry sir there is no such thing as an American made microwave.” He began to yell at her and pointed his finger in her face. Blaming her for the lack of products to choose from. She looked around to see if anyone was going to stand up for her and no one did. She then looked at the older man and said “With all do respect sir, who’s generation screwed that up? Mine or yours? Your generation sent things to China and stopped making America the priority. If I ever own a company it will be 100% American Made I promise you that!” And she stuck to that promise she made almost 30 years ago.