Mike Stumo

Michael works closely with US administration officials as well as Democratic and Republican congressional offices. He supervises the CPA Research Department which provides innovative analysis of emerging trade and tax issues, producing data-based results that sometimes challenge conventional theory.

Michael educates political, media and business leaders on issues including trade imbalances, trade enforcement, tax reform, agricultural trade, manufacturing policy, currency misalignment and related issues. He appears on American and international television (CNBC, Japan NHK World) and radio programs (BBC World Service), and speaks before domestic and international audiences. His articles on trade, tax and economics are regularly published in The Hill, the American Prospect, Breitbart, Global Trade Magazine and many other US publications.

Michael was a lawyer and litigator at Brignole, Bush and Lewis (Hartford CT) and Domina Law (Omaha NE). He was general counsel for the Organization for Competitive Markets focusing upon agriculture and antitrust.

Michael holds a B.S. from Iowa State University in Agriculture (high distinction) and a law degree from the University of Iowa (high distinction). He lives on a farm in southwest Massachusetts with his wife, Nadia, where they raised three children.