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Fraud American Consumers by falsely claiming Made In USA and the Fine is $0

As many companies are relocating their production back to the U.S., American made products are becoming more desirable than ever. So desirable, in fact, that the Federal Trade Commission recently caught some companies lying about the origin of their products. One of the companies, Patriot Puck claimed to sell “The only American Made hockey puck” [...]

Tesla Makes American Made Cars ‘S3XY’ Again

Model Y is an all-electric, mid-size SUV designed for maximum versatility and safety. Model Y will start at $39,000 for the Standard Range version, and will also come in Long Range, Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive, and Performance variants. Model Y is spacious enough to carry seven adults and their gear and offers leading range, superior performance, [...]

(Video) China’s Endgame Is To Put American Companies Out Of Business

For a generation now china has been using government subsidize utility rates and weak environmental and safety standards to become the world’s factory.

U.S. surpasses Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest oil producer

What once was a fallen industry is now back in business. For the first time since 1973, the United States is the largest producer of crude oil in the world. Ever since congress lifted the 40-year ban on exporting crude oil in 2015, exports have been on the rise. The U.S. now ships all over [...]