Made in America

Chinese Companies are investing in U.S. Manufacturing

In recent years, many companies have realized the benefits of producing a product that is truly “Made in America”. In fact, a good majority of American consumers look for products that boast their U.S. manufacturing. Regardless, companies are still outsourcing production overseas to China and other countries. But there are some foreign companies that are taking the opposite approach. China’s Fuling Global, a disposable plastic tablewear manufacturer, created an American factory in Allentown, Pennsylvania after their products were declined by several companies for being made overseas.

Today, Fuling’s Allentown factory is booming. At the moment the factory only produces straws, creating 1 million straws daily. Eventually, the company plans to expand production to cups and containers ass well. They have saved a tremendous amount of money by eliminating the need for shipping. By Manufacturing in the U.S., chief financial officer of Fuling says “We can save up to 40 percent of the sale price.” Not only has Fuling’s success skyrocketed, so has the surrounding Lehigh Valley area. The factory has created about 50 jobs in the area and plans to recruit more workers once the factory expands production to other products.

And Fuling isn’t the only company taking advantage of the benefits of American manufacturing. As of 2016, about 90,000 Americans were employed by Chinese-affiliated companies in the U.S. In Pennsylvania alone, 36 Chinese companies provided over 1,000 jobs to Americans in 2015.

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