WIN Hotel, Tickets, + VIP Access to MADE IN AMERICA 2019 – Made in USA Show & Events

MADE IN AMERICA 2019 is hosting a giveaway for the full VIP treatment for a lucky fan! This includes hotel, and VIP Access to the Kickoff Show! Comment what ‘Made in America’ means to you below and share!

25 thoughts on “WIN Hotel, Tickets, + VIP Access to MADE IN AMERICA 2019 – Made in USA Show & Events

  1. More jobs,Job security Great for economy
    I buy made in America if I have a choice!!!!

  2. MAM for me, stands for products made in our fantastic country, by the citizens who love their country enough to want to make our country and economy the best of any. The owners of these companies are citizens of the USA and want us to have the best. This country has been the creator of all that other countries have purchased, at some point in time. Electricity, vehicles, manufacturing plants, airplanes, cotton gin, etc. were all born here and I am very proud of that. Everything we could possibly need, is made, grown and created right here in the U.S.A., thanks to our country’s forebearers.

  3. Made in America for me means quality equipment to operate my business .quality shoes and apparel for working outdoors free from dangerous toxins .made in America to me means supporting my fellow countrymen and women make a living ,and keeping their jobs .

  4. Keep in mind that Made in America also bides well for producing and selling to the world market.

    Thus, Made in America should be good for both internal consumption and external.

  5. Buy American made products to strengthen our economy. Produce American, buy American and make America GREAT again.

  6. Made in America means Trueblood hardworking Americans, blue collar workers and others making products in the USA!

  7. Made in America means so much! It means jobs , a healthy economy, pride, it means more Americans can afford to buy American made. I buy American made whenever it’s available. We need more products and better advertising of those products. They are hard to find AMERICA FIRST

  8. Made in the USA Means a lot to me. I try to purchase items that are Made in the USA and over 10 years ago, I lost my job when production was moved elsewhere including overseas. IT was hard during that time and even watching production being moved out of our workplace a bit at a time until they made the decision to close the place down. Today even though I am now in web development, I made sure that the companies and the servers that we host websites are US based and I can bring that to the table to be approved.

  9. So proud to be a American. Just want to be a part of a historical event where we celebrate our love and pride as Americans! God Bless America!

  10. Made in the USA American Made is the words to describe a great economy. Workers in our communities need jobs! Support our economy

  11. Made in America means to me that we must all do our part in saving American Jobs by taking the time to research our purchases before making them. Keeping our hard earned dollars in our country and supporting the companies that have poured their hearts and souls into making a difference !! My husband is a 32yr. American Steel worker, we have always taken the time to research our purchases and buy American Quality Products!! The American Worker will always prevail!!! We are Americans and take pride in our Work and Our Country!!! Let’s keep the Momentive going for the next Generation!!! Together we can make a Difference !!!

  12. Made in America means Quality workmanship. It helps to keep America strong by letting Americans do what we love, to work hard and make great products.

  13. Made in America means keeping American families fed, clothed, supported. To some it may mean preserving a way of life. To others it may mean keeping traditions alive and flourishing. To me, it means all these things and much more. It means that we are proud of our country and support the men and women who work their hardest to keep it alive and thriving!

  14. When you buy “Made in America” products you provide good jobs, benefits, hope and pride for those workers. God Bless America!

  15. Let’s everyone do our part and start buying Made in America products again. Don’t assume that China product is cheap shop around I have found that Made in America product are most of the time cheaper and better made.

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