Will U.S. Made Apparel Make a Comeback?

Over 40 years ago, the apparel industry migrated to foreign countries with wages lower than those in the United States. Apparel production is labor-intensive, making wages a large share of the cost of production. Right now, only about 3% of our consumption is domestically sourced but the apparel industry in the U.S. is starting to improve. Eliminating our apparel trade deficit would reduce the overall trade deficit by $120 billion per year or about 25% of the total and would add about 1 million U.S. manufacturing jobs and some companies are helping to promote American-made brands.

Currently there are hardly any American Made options for active wear, but Four Athletics wants to change that. They design every piece of clothing with form, fit and quality in mind. By going American made, they ensure the highest quality, most durable active wear.

Today, U.S. apparel manufacturing is doing better than expected. According to a recent data search, U.S. apparel manufacturing ranks number six in industries that have reshored with 17,166 jobs by 287 companies since 2010.

What’s your favorite American Made clothing brand?

Here is a list of American Made goods:

American Made List


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